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What you can do

In a time of crisis like this feels more strongly than ever the need to join forces and make it happen all, as much as possible, in order to save our historic and artistic heritage.

That's also what might seem like an insignificant contribution becomes important to be able to preserve those assets that underpin our roots and our cultural identity.

There are many ways to help ARTES. You choose which:

- Become a MEMBER (see the section "Becoming a member");

- Become a SUPPORTER ARTES: with 12 € you can become SUPPORTER ARTES. Following your donation, you will receive at home a card valid for one year. The qualification of SUPPORTER ARTES entitles you to receive the newsletter and to be constantly informed about the activities of the Association;

- Make a DONATION: remember that to make a difference is not how much you give, but the spirit with which you, any amount is useful and essential! If you prefer you can also decide to “adopt” a portion of the property, such as painting, a capital, a wooden door ... and then your donation will be directed to the restoration of what you indicate!

Any donation will be made to the account of the Association by bank. Here are the coordinates:


IT52E 05728 11810 01057 1032271

For any questions or clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact us by mail: [email protected]

Thanks for the valuable contribution and for the support that we are sure you will want to give us.